Upcoming Online Seminar: Social Media & Review Analytics for Business Intelligence, Sales & Revenue Management

Social media and review analytics can be used to gather business intelligence about the competitive landscape, giving insights that can be used for sales and revenue management.

Learn how to optimize business performance

In our next online seminar, we will look at a variety of topics related to using these insights to improve your business performance.

  • Why traditional guest feedback methods are structurally broken
  • How social media and online reviews can provide you with a much deeper understanding of guest sentiment
  • How to improve your sales pitch and marketing communications with review analytics
  • How to turn social media into a lead-generation tool for your sales team (step-by-step process)
  • Strategies for maximizing your presence and sales on distribution partner websites
  • Steps for increasing direct bookings through your own website
  • Tying it all together: an action plan for you

As always, we will illustrate each point in the presentation with real-world examples.

Reserve your seat now

This is something you don’t want to miss. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 22nd at 5pm CEST (11am New York time).

There are just 100 seats available for this virtual event. Click here to reserve your seat today.