Track Trends to Boost Your Restaurant Business

Today, businesses and consumers have a closer relationship than ever. We are constantly plugged in, evolving into mobile/social natives by using smart-phones for everything from discovering local attractions to posting photos across social media and voicing opinions on review and social media sites.

More importantly, maintaining a healthy level of guest satisfaction (both on- and off-line) is now an irrefutable measure of your company’s capacity to generate revenue.

While the savviest restaurant managers see value in engaging with customers through social media, the new age of “social service” can spell disaster for restaurants that are ill-equipped to deal with it effectively.

Boost your restaurant business, monitor trends

Get ahead of trends

How can you harness online commentary to understand what clients crave at your restaurant? What kinds of dishes and serving styles are most popular in your area right now? How do you monitor competing restaurants to stay ahead?

Gain insight into what local restaurant-goers want by monitoring and analyzing online commentary. Deliver service that surpasses expectations and inspires customers to share their experiences online with others. Create offers that resonate with your existing client-base to encourage loyalty and stimulate conversation.

Monitor feedback

Google alerts and social media management platforms are effective tracking tools to monitor where customers mention your restaurant by name. You can also use them to create a #hashtag feed for queries about local food in your town, or searches for types of cuisine you specialize in.

A guest intelligence tool will help you track and analyze reviews from the endless stream of online commentary. It will help your restaurant glean a deeper insight into where clients are talking about your business online and analyze keywords – or sentiment – most often used to describe aspects of your restaurant, from the food to decor, menu and service.

Arm your restaurant with these tools to implement positive change, compete effectively and maintain a satisfied client base while fortifying your business from the ground up.

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