ATM 2014 to highlight travel tech & social service

On 5th May, over 20,000 leading international travel operators will gather in Dubai for the 20th Arabian Travel Market conference and trade show. ReviewPro’s VP of sales, Michael Kessler, and Michael Chin, Regional VP of sales in Asia, will attend the event.


This year, we expect guest satisfaction, service and reputation management for hotels to be core themes among hotel operators and customers alike. Sabre, the leading provider of technology solutions to the global travel and tourism industry (including ReviewPro), will sponsor the Travel Technology Theatre.

ATM’s latest news article also discusses the overwhelming power of online consumer opinion in “Travel and the changing social landscape.”

“When the capacity for viral spread online is underestimated, things can quickly turn nasty,” says Simon Harrington, citing several social media disaster stories that could have been avoided with better service and review management across social media.

But he points out that social service shouldn’t just focus on damage limitation. Over the last 12 months, many hotels have been moving towards a pro-active and immersive social experience. Harrington cites ReviewPro client, Meliá’s Sol Hotel Wavehouse, the world’s first “Tweet Experience” resort, as an exemplary hotel that has built social interaction into the fabric of its business.

“The social landscape is changing. As travel professionals, you’re more than aware of just how competitive your industry is. That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep up-to-date with the latest innovations and to change with them,” the article says, highlighting the importance of effective social service and review management in today’s consumer and tech-driven climate.

ReviewPro aggregates thousands of consumer reviews into one simple platform, allowing hotel and restaurant professionals to glean a comprehensive picture of what’s being said about their business online – and which areas need improvement – whether in terms of value, service or other departments.

If you’re interested to learn what ReviewPro can do for you, sign up for a free demo or organize an appointment at ATM with Michael Kessler.

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