How Aparthotel Bcn Montjuïc Increased Revenue and Outranked their Competitors

Would you buy a new iPhone and then leave it in the box unused? Exactly. So why would you do that with ReviewPro’s Guest Intelligence software? The more you use it, the better it gets!

Sometimes it can be daunting to implement and continue to use new strategies and tools, so that’s exactly what our Customer Success Coaches are here for. In October last year one of our coaches Javier checked in with Aparthotel BCN Montjuïc. He set out to find out how he could help them optimize the use of the tool, with remarkable results.

montjuic case study 2

Javier quickly realised that the tool wasn’t being put to its full use, and advised higher engagement, focusing on certain areas that would improve the business’ online reputation, and boost revenue management.

As a result:

  • The brand’s Global Review Index™(GRI) increased. The result of a higher rate of engagement for BCN Montjuic was the increase of their review volume and quality, boosting their GRI™. In the graph below you can see the GRI™ line in dark blue and the volume of reviews in light blue. A GRI™ index increase is very significant. In fact, according to a report by Cornell School of Hotel Administration, it equals up to +0.89% ADR, +0.54% in occupancy and +1.42% in RevPAR.

Grapph showing increase in GRI and review volume

The brand’s GRI™ increased by 12 percentage points within three months.

  • They outranked their competitors. In a busy tourist hub like Barcelona, competition is fierce. With the improvements suggested, the brand managed to outstrip their competitors. Below you can see the competitor average in purple, and Aparthotel Bcn Montjuïc’s GRI™ in blue.
  • They drove more revenue. Increasing their GRI™ and boosting their online reputation resulted in an 8% increase in bookings, which allowed Aparthotel Bcn Montjuïc to set rates at a whopping 15% higher, resulting in a 5% increase in ADR.

“Since we started working with ReviewPro we are more focused on the small details, we listen and analyze every single review left by our clients, making changes where possible. We are confident that this is the best investment to guarantee an increase in both revenue and room occupancy.” Gemma Fradera – Subdirector of Aparthotel Montjuic Bcn

bcn montjuic casestudy

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