Does Your Marketing and Advertising Promote What Guests Actually Value?

One of the commonly overlooked benefits of monitoring your online reputation is that guest reviews can help you create more compelling promotional messages. Instead of guessing what people like about your hotels, you can use ReviewPro’s semantic analysis to understand the sentiment about each part of the guest experience.

If the majority of positive reviews talk about how nice your rooms are, for instance, an advertising campaign created to promote the room design might be more effective than one that highlights a part of your hotel that guests don’t seem to appreciate as much.

Here’s an example semantic analysis report from a popular New York City hotel:

As you can see, quality, location, views, and the bar are all parts of this hotels’ experience that guests talk about positively. This hotel could increase the effectiveness of their communications by focusing on promoting these elements.

Additionally, promoting these attributes of the hotel through advertising will likely lead to an even better online reputation, since it will help attract guests that appreciate what you do well.

How are you using semantic analysis to identify sentiment to improve your advertising?