How the 15-suite ABaC Hotel improves service and guest satisfaction with ReviewPro

In this case study, we examine how Eva de Aurora, Director of Sales and Marketing of ABaC Hotel in Barcelona, is using social media and review analytics from ReviewPro to manage her hotel more effectively.

The ABaC concept began as ABaC Restaurant 11 years ago, and their award-winning chef has guided it to two Michelin stars and the praise of epicurean travelers from around the world.

But instead of stopping with a fantastic restaurant, the managers wanted to go a step further and create a hotel on property to provide a complete escape experience. The team wanted ABaC to be much more than a “restaurant with rooms” – but rather create a luxury hotel that was remarkable in its own right… and also had a fantastic restaurant on property. Guests now get to walk through the kitchen on the way to their room if they wish, and see what the chef is preparing. With a wine cellar boasting 900 different labels, guests can visit with the sommelier and make a selection for their dinner or room – making it a complete gastronomic experience. The theme is minimalist luxury with the comfort of home.  It was designed to be an oasis in the middle of the city, surrounded by gardens.

Anyone reading reviews for this property will quickly see the founders’ vision has been realized.

How ABaC’s guests use social media and reviews in their planning process

“Travelers today are using social media and online reviews more and more when planning travel. This is why it is very important for us to monitor and build our reputation online. That is why we use ReviewPro,” said Eva.

“The success we have achieved is a mix of everything we do. We are constantly working to improve our mix of amenities. For example, we recently signed an agreement with the leading British spa and skincare brand Elemis to provide their services to guests of ABaC Spa. It’s providing a complete enjoyable experience that leads to positive word of mouth.”

Why ABaC Hotel routinely is rated among the best hotels in Barcelona

“The best thing we have at ABaC is the service. The most important activity for us is to listen to our guests. We ask how their experience was with offline surveys, and compare this with online reviews gathered in ReviewPro. We then use this feedback to make changes and improvements at the hotel. If a guest makes a suggestion and it’s possible for us to make that change, we do it.”

ABaC’s management team has discovered that tracking these two forms of feedback provides for a rich amount of information to work with. While overall tone of the feedback is similar from both channels, Eva believes in offering guests the ability to share their thoughts with the hotel management in whichever format is easiest for them: it provides a 360-degree perspective.

How guests are encouraged to share their experiences online

“Normally we ask people to share feedback online if they feel like it. We leave the final decision up to the customer. Because of the size of our hotel – just 15 rooms – it’s often easier to gather this feedback in person, by speaking to them. If someone mentions something positive to a staff member, the guest is encouraged to share their experience online.”

Rather than having an automated system to request reviews, ABaC finds that asking for feedback and online contributions face-to-face works best for a hotel of their size and culture. “We make it a priority to speak with them.” This is a key advantage ABaC has as a small property – the ability to have personal interactions and deliver personalized service – and something other small hotels would be wise to replicate.

Why ABaC Hotel Chose ReviewPro

When looking for a reputation management for hotels tool, Eva and her team considered all the tools and options available on the market today. “We knew we needed the right solution to gather guest opinion online and help us better understand our guests and what they think about us. After looking at the options on the market, we found ReviewPro to do the best job of this – especially for a property like ours.”

“ReviewPro saves my managers and I a lot of time gathering this information online. And with ReviewPro’s social media monitoring and publishing functionality, it makes it even easier for us to build our Twitter and Facebook presence.” Time is very valuable for managers of small hotels, making this benefit a very important element of her decision.

Eva’s management team has created procedures for everything, defining which staff actions should take place for each situation. ReviewPro’s workflow functions work well in this environment, providing Eva with the tools she needs to turn insight to action – improving overall quality and guest satisfaction.

After using ReviewPro, Eva found it easier to monitor more sites and identify what people were saying. Rather than going from site to site to check for new information, ReviewPro’s reporting dashboard gives the ABaC team an instant snapshot of what is happening in one global view. Opportunities can be quickly identified, along with the action to be taken. Additionally, the reputation and social media reporting can be shared with different people via email summaries and PDF documents.

How ReviewPro has affected operations at ABaC

The insights gathered in ReviewPro have lead to improvements in the ABaC product, service, and even the way Eva’s team works. “It has caused us to review our processes and procedures based on what guests want to see.”

Take, for example, the way they served breakfast. Guests used to receive a gourmet breakfast served at the table instead of a buffet breakfast. But client feedback on the web caused them to change the way they served this.

Another very small but interesting change: “We used to have the toiletries in the shower, but people said ‘why don’t you put these in the bath as well’ – so we did that.” It’s the little touches like this that make guests happy and lead to a positive review.

“At ABaC, we are focused on delivering extraordinary service to our guests. ReviewPro helps us do that. It makes our life easier.”

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