7 Quick Tips to Get More Reviews At Your Hotel Or Restaurant

Before you ask for an online review, make sure you create an experience worth talking about. “Remarkable” literally means “worth remarking about.” Does your guest experience live up to that standard? If not, what creative amenities or features could you offer that will encourage your customers to spread word of mouth?

Here are 7 quick tips to get more reviews at your establishment, whether it’s a luxury 5-star resort, casual bistro or boutique hotel.

1. Make writing a review as easy as possible

Be proactive in encouraging clients to leave reviews. Guest surveys, comment forms and follow-up email links are subtle yet direct methods – make it as easy and as painless for customers as possible.

2. Be present on multiple review sites

Harness social analytics, which provide insight into the most/least used review sources at your hotel, to encourage more reviews on the sites where you would like to gain a deeper presence.

3. Understand your demographics

Does your hotel attract younger or older guests? Perhaps you have a large percentage of, say, Italian, Chinese or Mexican travelers. Understanding your guests’ preferences and demographics will not only enable you to provide a more personalized service, but will also enable your hotel to direct review requests to the right sites. Are your restaurant clients more likely to use Foursquare or TripAdvisor, for example? Find out where your guest demographic feels most comfortable leaving reviews, and direct them there.

Download our free guide for a complete breakdown of over 123 online review sites to find out more.

4. Be sincere

Want more reviews? That’s fine – tell your guests! We live in the age of social media…they’ll get it.

5. Turn reviewers into brand ambassadors

The happiest customers will rave about your services: Reward their loyalty by thanking them. Read more

6. Don’t ignore negative reviews

Negative reviews hold the power to tarnish your online reputation if left unmonitored. Find out more about responding to reviews.

7. Tread the incentives-line carefully

Be careful when offering incentives to leave reviews: at best, it could appear as bribery and at worst, your establishment runs the risk of violating review site regulations.

Find out more: Download our free guide, How to Encourage Guest Reviews for your Hotel, which includes useful advice, case studies and sample review requests to make the process as straightforward for you as possible.