ReviewPro Guide: How to Respond to Online Reviews

“In my experience, hotels that reply to all feedback – positive and negative – engage the most people are become most successful. Responding to all reviews shows you’re listening and caring about what the guest thought.” – Michele Perry, TripAdvisor

Much is said about the social web providing opportunities for “conversations” – but you have to remember that any conversation goes two ways. If guests are writing about you online, then you also need to be carrying part of the conversation. You need to pick up on what they’re saying, and continue the conversation from there. On review sites, it is important to show potential guests that you are listening to customers’ concerns and taking their feedback seriously.

For these reasons, we recommend responding to guest reviews online whenever possible. Our latest guide - How to Respond to Online Reviews – will explain practical steps to take in doing this.  In it, Josiah Mackenzie outlines all you need to know about responding to reviews:

Download: How to Respond to Online Hotel ReviewsDownload Guide: How to Respond to Online Reviews

  • Why review responses are so important
  • What sites allow you to respond to reviews [Chart]
  • Basic tips for responding to reviews
  • How to respond to positive reviews
  • How to respond to negative reviews
  • How to respond to Twitter reviews and mentions
  • The best way to reward reviewers and brand evangelists
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  1. avijit arya says:

    great piece here guys, id like to add that a review -no matter good or bad once delivered to the hotelier ,is taken “personally” by them and then begins either a blame game or a serious emergency meeting to see who and why the problem was caused, there goes the response ,gets delayed by a few days or even weeks .
    the review management must be seperate and must be handled immediately by a third party who has no personal involvement with the operations or the running of the hotel . A review and a response to that must be seen as an amazing oppurtunity to showcase some value that yourhotel offers which other hotels might not have. For example if a review says good hotel nice rooms ok food went for the cricket match to the city had fun, the response could be – Thank you for patronising the ABC hotel during your stay in the city,the hotel is patronised by guests looking to attend the many sporting events that happen in the city like the upcoming grand prix in november ,returning guests get a special discount for this event.
    Reviews and review management is an art which if not becoming a part of the search criteria as well, because its ultimately what google wants which is to mix search results to show USER GENERATED CONTENT and here is an oppurtunity to be a part of that UGC through a reply.

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