Online Reputation and Social Media Management for Hotels: Recommended Readings of the week– September 14th

Every week on Friday, we share 5 of the most interesting articles on Social Media & Online Reputation Management published during the week. Here are this week’s recommended readings:

Looking for a low-cost way to conduct consumer research?
How to Use Social Media for Customer Research
by Fred Perrotta

Follow these five tips to improve your brand’s hashtag strategy.
5 Ways Your Business Should Use Twitter Hashtags
by Stephanie Buck

Why your hotel’s Google+ Local page deserves the same attention as your TripAdvisor listing.
Google+ Local the newest tool for marketers
by Jason Q. Freed

Online review sites, such as Yelp, Angie’s Lists and Trip Advisor, can make or break a restaurant.
Restaurants put social media on the menu
by Elena Ferretti

With 60 million Internet users and an online travel market that is expected to reach $7billion in 2012 you could do worse than Russia.
Russian adventure: Top 5 online travel companies to watch in 2013
by Eyefor Travel


There are 2 comments in this article:

  1. thomas says:

    Thank you for this pretty good selection, specially the one about google plus…. lots of work to do
    have a nice day all


  2. I really don’t for the life of me see why this topic merits all the special attention it’s getting

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