Online Reputation and Social Media Management for Hotels: Recommended Readings of the week– February 24th

Every week on Friday, we share 5 of the most interesting articles on Social Media & Online Reputation Management published during the week. Here are this week’s recommended readings:

Hotels are going to extraordinary lengths to cater to a guest’s every imaginable need.
Hotels offer unusual amenities to lure guests
by Nancy Trejos

What is the impression that stays with your guests when they leave your hotel?
7 tips to keep guests coming back
by Caroline Cooper

There’s nothing that a platform can do to make a company trustworthy – it’s all in the content and how they communicate with customers.
Dos and Don’ts for Travel Campaigns on Facebook
by Ritesh Gupta

So now that the wifi thing has been acknowledged as an area hotels need to change their thinking on, there just leaves three areas that, in my mind, need reinvention –the business centre, mini bar and laundry.
Ok, Wifi Issue Tackled, Time to Wash Other Dirty Laundry in Public
by Yeoh Siew Hoon

Part of your social media strategy should include creative ways to get your ONline channels in people’s OFFline views.
Top 6 Ways To Promote Your Hotel’s Social Media Offline
by Diana Friess

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