Online Reputation and Social Media Management for Hotels: Recommended Readings of the week– December 23rd

Every week on Friday, we share 5 of the most interesting articles on Social Media & Online Reputation Management published during the week. Here are this week’s recommended readings:

The upcoming year is projected to be a better and brighter one for the hospitality industry, but what are the new factors driving the market in 2012?
Top 10 hospitality industry trends for 2012
by Robert Rauch

Sales and Marketing in Hotels, the Next Generation = Truly Integrated Marketing Communications.
We Are the Next Generation of Hotel Sales and Marketing Communications Professionals
by Leora H Lanz and Barbara Fischhof

As Google+ becomes increasingly ingrained in the Google search space, the implication for online reputation management and overall branded search space is that marketing messaging will only increase.
Why You Need Google+ Business Pages For Online Reputation Management
by John E Lincoln

Are you wondering how to get people from YouTube to your website?
3 Ways to Use YouTube to Drive Traffic to Your Website
by James Wedmore

Online reviews are highly trusted by consumers, but hoteliers are still unsure how to manage their Internet image. Here’s how you can make better use of what guests are saying.
Consider the Source – Analyzing Online Reviews
by Dan Marcec

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