ReviewPro: Customer Intelligence For Hotels

The rules of the game have changed in the hotel sector. At center stage of this change is the hotel guest and the growing trend for individuals to share their hotel experiences with others on the Internet. Today, online reviews and other user-generated content (UGC) is having a significant impact on individual hotels and multi-property chains.

ReviewPro was started with the idea that if hotels could listen and respond to what customers are saying about them online, they could improve guest experience and drive revenue growth. Founded in early 2008, ReviewPro launched the Standard Version (beta) in April 2009 and the Advanced Version (beta) of our product in September of that same year. We initiated our sales activity that same month and since then, we have grown to a client base of thousands of hotels. This rapid growth was achieved by delivering measurable results and helping our clients profit from the social web.

In a highly competitive environment where online reputation has a direct impact on sales, it is critical to have the right solution to take advantage of what many experts are calling the most important trend to impact the hotel industry in recent years. With products tailored to meet the needs of individual hotel operators, multi-establishment chains and asset managers, ReviewPro is the ideal partner to enable hoteliers to profit from the social web.

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